[1.2.13]-SDL_SetAlpha fails when alpha set to 128 on Linux

[1.2.13]-SDL_SetAlpha fails when alpha set to 128 on Linux…


I recently made the permanent switch from Windows to Linux.
I’m using Linux Mint 7 Gloria 32bit (which is very similar to ubuntu 9.04)

I built my SDL 1.2.13 based game on Linux and it builds with no errors
or warnings.

I’m having a problem with SDL_SetAlpha on Linux platform:
When alpha is set to 128 using SDL_SetAlpha,
the displayed image is rainbow colored and not displayed properly.
(NOTE: any other value of alpha produced a correct image).

I read the SDL documentation about SDL_SetAlpha.
I noticed that it says:
*“Note: *The per-surface alpha value of 128 is considered a special case
and is optimised,
so it’s much faster than other per-surface values.”

Seems like alpha value of 128 is not working properly on Linux using SDL

Anyone have any ideas why this would not work properly on my end ?


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