1.3 GL_RenderFill doesn't work properly


I noticed that in SDL 1.3 GL_RenderFill doesn’t do what it’s supposed
to on Mac OS X (or if I use the Mac OS X code on iPhone). It’s
supposed to fill in a rectangle, but what it ends up doing is clearing
the entire screen.

The reason for this is that glClear does not appear to be bound to the
temporary viewport that is set by GL_RenderFill using glViewport. It
looks like glScissor should be used in place of this (the docs claim
that glClear respects the confines of glScissor). Right now I am just
drawing a quad instead (actually 2 triangles since OpenGL ES doesn’t
support quads).####

Also, one question about the ‘a’ (alpha) value passed into
SDL_RenderFill. In the case that the rectangle is not opaque, should
the renderer replace the present values with semi-transparent ones, or
should it used blending to overlay a transparent rectangle on top of
its present results?

thank you,

  • Holmes Futrell