1 frame per 2 minutes(!) - what could be the problem?

Thanks a lot for your responses. (I made a mistake in the subject - it
should have been 1 frame per 2 minutes). Now I tried fullscreen mode
(in pygame, since there it is easy for me to make experiments) and
there is no problem, regardless of the resolution. I can have the
widescreen 1280x800, and it works great. On the other hand, in the
window mode, whatewer resolution of the screen I set (tried 1280x800,
1024x768 and 800x600), the problem remains, though for lower
resolutions it is less bad.

I’m glad to helped you out.
In windowed mode you should try to initialize the screen surface with
HWSURFACE or SWSURFACE. Hardware surfaces are only accelerated in
fullscreen mode (in Windows at least) and they aren’t always the best

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