2 things


I have find two things :

  1. there’s a problem with SDL-0.7 and Metro-X in Redhat 5.0. The script ./configure find the DGA function and compile the library with it, but Metro-X doesn’t support XFree86 (I think). When I run a program (test or example), it draw nothing on the screen and it must be killing with the order “kill”. The program goes in a dead lock in the function SDL_Init (I see it with debugger).
    —> I installed XFree86 instead Metro-X and is good now.

  2. I found a new site on Linux and the games to promote SDL (if you want promote it) :

This library is very interesting

Sorry for my bad english :frowning:


Olivier Boyaval
e-mail : @Olivier_BOYAVAL