2D rendering poll

I just struck me that I have no idea what rendering mode Kobo Deluxe
players prefer. Or more importantly, what one should focus on for new
projects. I think this might be of interested to most people working on
2D games with fast fullscreen animation. So…

  1. Considering a very fast scrolling action game, would you prefer:

    a) a fast (>50 fps) and very smooth 640x480 mode?

    b) a very fast (>70 fps) 320x240 mode?

    c) a slow (<30 fps) 640x480 mode?

  2. What general class of 3D acceleration do you have?

    a) No useful 3D acceleration features on my card.

    b) 3D not configured, or unsupported on my OS of choice.

    c) 8 MB VRAM (32 bit accelerator)

    d) 16 MB VRAM (32 or 64 bit accelerator)

    e) 32 MB VRAM (64 or 128 bit accelerator)

    f) 64+ MB VRAM (128+ bit accelerator)

  3. What general class of CPU are you using?

    a) i386, i486, K4, mc68020, mc68030 or similar.

    b) Pentium or Pentium MMX, K5, or similar.

    c) P-II, Celeron or similar, ~400 MHz.

    d) P-III, Celeron or similar, ~800 MHz

    e) P-III, Celeron, P4 or similar, >=1.2 GHz

*** Please reply off the list! ***

I’ll post a summary when I think I’ve received enough information to draw
a conclusion.

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