3.2 or 4.1 OpenGL Core Profile context with SDL 1.2?


does anyone know how to create a 3.2 or 4.1 Core Profile context with SDL


I’ve set up an experimental SDL repository on bitbucket where I’ve pushed the
patches I’ve been working on:

  • Android Multitouch (#1294)
  • Render Targets (#983) for OpenGL, OpenGL ES 1.1, and Direct3D
  • Android Fixes Required To Use OpenGL ES Extensions (req’d for Render
    Targets) (#1290)

I’m not sure what the current development status is on the official repository
(I’m mainly seeing small fixes related to the buildbot), so it’s hard to gauge
if/when any of these contributions will be accepted. I’m saying this so it’s
clear that all of this changes may forever be experimental, as I’ve got no
control on if/when they’ll be accepted.

My next task is adding a (very likely never to become official) RenderCopyEx
function to allow rotation of textures, and I’ll try to fix fullscreen windows
under Linux with Nvidia Twinview active, which is not working for me right now
(as the Twinview mode reports both screens as one, but the fullscreen window
is placed only in one of them).

The repo is at: https://bitbucket.org/gabomdq/sdl-1.3-experimental