3dfx, OpenGL, and gamma

I’ve noticed that 3dfx OpenGL contexts don’t have working gamma control in
SDL at the moment. In win32, the normal way to do it is to play with a
nice wgl extension. In Linux with XFree4, there’s xgamma. I assume other
platforms have their own tricks, but none of them work for 3dfx because
the 3dfx cards have their 2D and 3D hardware totally seperated. The good
news is that 3dfx drivers DO support their own proprietary extension for
the purpose - different on each platform of course. Yeah, of course,
thanks 3dfx, can’t do anything SIMPLE can you? =p

I can’t find info on the Mesa functions right now, but I do know they
exist somewhere. The Win32 extension is WGL_3DFX_gamma_control and the
functions are wglGetDeviceGammaRamp3DFX and wglSetDeviceGammaRamp3DFX.
Both return GLint’s and take the hdC and a GLvoid * to the gamma ramps.

I’d try to build a patch for this, but I have neither the hardware nor the
software ncessary to test it and I hate writing code that I can’t compile,
let alone test. It should be a relatively simple patch.–
Joseph Carter Free software developer

Techical solutions are not a matter of voting. Two legislations in the US
states almost decided that the value of Pi be 3.14, exactly. Popular vote
does not make for a correct solution.
– Manoj Srivastava

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