A couple things: 1's a serious problem, the others less so

1 - I can’t get to SDL CVS. Looks like a traceroute problem, but are
there any mirrors? I’ve been working a lot with YUV overlays this weekend
and umm if I remember Friday a fix was posted for some YUV problems.

2 - SDL_Quit freezes on quit many times (CVS from last monday)
-> but not always. Usually when I’m working in 640x480,fbcon

My primary work platform has been linux/fbcon because ummm X uses too many
resources… this means my rather sparse 64MB box can’t handle both X and
videorecording with bttv at the same time… (funny thing, this is the
only ram problem I’ve gotten into… :slight_smile:
and, well, there’s no way of switching -out- of the display once it’s
active. Couldn’t this be solved by providing a way to minimize an app
with a function call? (and have minimize under FB==possibly switch

hrm… I haven’t figured out where to put the quicktime player… there
any rules to uploading to SDL? (note to interested folks: While this
has an “interesting” streaming avi player and a quicktime/linux player at
this point no private codecs are supported. I’m not done designing the
CODEC manager yet either - I’m working on encoding right now. Also, it
uses a library for managing video and sound that’s umm a little more
complicated than need be I think :slight_smile:

(aside - anyone have any suggestions on what a CODEC manager
should be capable of and do?  I played with writing a CORBA-based
one but my design isn't so good)

Oh yah, and I’ve been using a thread-based queue in a video device playing
program (that supports both Creative Webcam III/USB and my Zoltrix TV card
quite nicely without freezing like all other progs I’ve tried have :slight_smile: that
has a few things in common with the SDL audio thread… And I think
there’s either a bug in the SDL_Mutex unlock or there’s a bug in the code.
Or in my implementation of a similar system :slight_smile:

Right about line 135 of SDL_audio.c:
(*fill)(udata, stream, stream_len);

Anyways, I’ve found that if one is closing the thread SDL_mutexV
at this point sometimes locks up if enabled=0;
I added a test “if (enabled) break” right before SDL_mutexV and that
solved things nicely…
I don’t know if anyone can help here.

Also a general rant: YUV in SDL and in video4linux are -not- well
documented. And there’s no test code. If I had any idea what to write
I’d write something :slight_smile: (ideas, folks?) Actually, SDL here is documented
-much- better than video4linux -> I finally got my video4linux code
working after grunging through driver source for a bit.
(and that fourcc reference while nice is -completely- useless as
explanations go for YUV… well almost useless anyways)

hrm… What’s needed is info on buffer layouts actually… something
better than 1 pixel Y and 1 pixel U,V for every 2 of Y…
ideas folks? This one I’ll happily write if someone’s got some
suggestions on how it should look…

G’day, eh? :slight_smile:
- Teunis

PS: I doubt sorenson will be supportable. Not even Micro$loth can get
access to this one - it’s exclusively Apple/Quicktime… Now if Apple
were willing to doument this :slight_smile:
(there’s no information on the CODEC within Apple’s Quicktime server
source FWIW… I looked - although it does have some nice code :slight_smile:

yes I have every plan of supporting quicktime/rtp streaming.
and ASF if those $@#*$%^@$% documents actually match real files…