A critical BScreen problem in SDL/BeOS&replyto=001301c02b92$97349880$0100a8c0@local

I tested it now with the debugging part added but it still didn’t work.
It looks like the BScreen gets initialized, but can’t figure out the

Do you not get anything after the ‘0x’ bit? That’s strange.

In fact, I get something. But just a single space.

This suggests the BScreen() object wasn’t constructed successfully.
code to check this into my local working copy, but that doesn’t help

It seems to be constructed because it doesn’t give the failing error
message and returns a space.

Have you tried other resolutions/colour spaces? Does it work in a
screen? What graphics card do you have?

No, I haven’t. But it should work because the older versions of the
same game work without problems and so do the other apps which are
using SDL.

I’m using the game in a window and my card is ATI PC2TV Pro Turbo. This
is really weird! Do you have any clue of the reason now? Could the
usage of a modified version of OpenTracker (OT/NewFs) be the reason?

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