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On Sun, 1 Nov 1998, emblem wrote:

Essential, but as I said in a previous post, attempting to create a do-all
general purpose game network lib is going to bloat and slow it down. It
would be in each developer’s best interest to learn socket programming and
TCP/IP and UDP programming. Also it would be suggested that developer’s

Would you mind posting the identification numbers of the RFCs you consider relvant
to the list?

RFC-768 – The User Datagram Protocol(UDP)
RFC-791 – The Internet Protocol(IP)
RFC-793 – THe Transmission Control Protocol(TCP)

Some other good sources for network programming:
libgnet-1.1.tar.gz – Network game programming library

I also use libgnet-1.1 to study from. It is Unix/Linux specific and won’t
work as is under Win95.

FWIW, ALL references are to Unix/Linux information, as I only use Linux. I
won’t post files to the mail list because it could cause major problems
should mail get bounced for whatever reason.

If you want any of the files listed, post your email address and I’ll send
you a zipped and tarred copy.

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P.S. Please excuse any typos.