A problem with SDL_WINDOW an winid()

hi all,

i have build an application to display video in QT. i
used SDL for the display. it integrates well with the
the application got action when you click on it a
separate dialog comes out. what i want to do is to
display one video in that dialog while the main
application is still running.
I copied and pasted the code from the main application
class to the new dialog class, but it seems like i am
having a problem with the winid(), or maybe something
else, I dont know. so when i run the application, it
works fine until i run the dialog, then the display in
the main application disapears and when i click on the
action in the main application to display, it will
respond in the new dialog. then when i close the
application it shows sigmentation fault.
i hope the problem is clear to you.

can anyone help me with this please

thanks in advance________________________________________________________________________
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