About "tiny example" for C# port

Note: this mail is intended to Kim Myunsoo, but i had trouble with
his yahoo.co.uk email, sorry for inconvenience.------------------------------------------------------------------

Kim Myunsoo wrote:

thanks for your reply. i will test your suggestion
after writing this mail :slight_smile:
??.. you mean you will try the port.
woaw, good idea, though to do it myself.

um…my program includes SDL,SDL_image and
SDL_rotozoom.o and unzip.o and some example code from
zlib… so my own portion is relatively small. but you
know, it’s really mess. :frowning:
i plan to do something for zlib. i see no equivalent in C# and thinks it
usefull. (i plan to do a C#-zlib instead of interop lib)

my own source is less than 1k bytes. and NO REMARKS…
i never thought my source code could useful for
i planned to purify(sorry im not english native)
doesn’t matter, actually am french

source code , but i was kindda busy…
if my code is too messy and buggy, but still you want
it, i will try make a good source and send you again.
mmhh… i appreciate your clean make file, mhh… BTW it output
error opening /tmp/IY 01-01.jpg
error opening /tmp/IY 01-02.jpg
and i see a blank output.
mhh… (i running windows… could this cause a problem ?)

anyway, yes, i am interested in new update version, as i am overbuzy too
and have a lot idea to port (i still not create, test my lib with
other’s idea to improve it (and actually test OpenGL)) i will look more
seriously at your work in a few week, at wich time i wil do appreciate
new version of your work… let me know and i would do the same.
BTW it is a nice idea.

regards, lloyd