About your question chris

I looked at the source code for sdl, and found that whenever status is
referenced, it tells whether the thread is started or stopped. With
the SYS_ThreadHandle handle you should be able to use win32 api
functions on. Thats considering the fact that theres no way the sdl
programmers would have programmed sdl to bypass the os threading
capabilities. Which would be kind of silly.

But yes, the handle in that structure should be able to have win32 api
things done to it.


The way you would do that would be to access the SDL_Thread structure.

The SDL_Thread structures source is like this: (i checked the source code)

struct SDL_Thread {
Uint32 threadid;
SYS_ThreadHandle handle;
int status;
SDL_error errbuf;
void *data;

You should access the handle variable and change the priority of the
thread that way. If you want to change the priority of the program
though, you might have to recompile sdl.


Thanks - it took me a while to find the SDL_Thread struct definition. Do you
know if the status variable indicates the thread’s priority? Also, do you
know where in the source code I can find definitions of the different values
for different priority levels (or are they the same as in the Windows API)?
Please let me know. Thanks again.