Alpha blitting fullscreen

i have been looking into why i’ve been getting some surfaces that don’t
display correctly when running double buffered full screen. I have narrowed
it down to the functionSDL_SetAlpha(srf, SDL_SRCALPHA, t) called before a

now with this i also note the when i check the video info via
sdl_videoinfo i do not have blit_hw_A or blit_sw_A, which deal with alpha
blending. but i thought it only means i don’t have accelerated alpha
blitting… but then again, i’m not 100% sure what that means. i’m
assuming that this relates back to the problem i have found…which by the
way also causes access violations on exit when deleting the surfaces.

not having these flags set, is that a problem with the way i am creating the
application? or something to do with the video card?in windowed mode they
are set… but obviously we don’t have a true double buffered surface then.
my vid card is a 32mb tnt2 model 64.