AlteredSaver v2.3 released - uses SDL; thanks to all concerned

Hi there,

In case anyone is interested, I just put up a new release of
AlteredSaver for Linux, version 2.3. This one includes a full GTK user
interface and our first combination Saver & Game for Linux.

Thanks to SDL this Linux release includes: Decent sound mixing, CD
Audio, MP3 and WAV playback, as well as full screen modes.

A GPL ‘wrapper’ is also included, allowing use as a native KDE saver;
works on its own with Xscreensaver & hence with Gnome.

Thanks to Sam, Stephane and all those involved with SDL :slight_smile:



SDL + SDL_mixer + SMPEG used as shared libraries - not included (yet) in
install package, but source and binaries are available at:

take it easy,

Tom Gilbert
Owner, Lead ( == ‘only’ - sigh) Engineer, AlteredWorlds

Please report any problems to @Tom_Gilbert - cheers!