Alternative to apply_surface

I have just started learning SDL, specifically:
-Using Ubuntu
-Programming in C
-compiling in gcc

I want to apply some images onto my screen, however I do not know how to resize the images and how to apply them to my window. I tried lazyfoo’s tutorial, but functions that he use such as apply_surface is not usable to me for some reason, even though I’ve included the same headers instructed.

Is there a compiling sequence that I am missing (gcc main.c $(sdl-config --cflags --libs)) or are there any alternative functions I can use?

Hi Raphael,

You can post your code ? Some times we use blit function with render, texture an so on…

Take a look in this link, its about render images.

Here is a sample with this:

Keep Study :wink:

SDL2 is cool!