Am I compiling SDL wrong or missing libraries/headers?

I’m compiling SDL 1.2.15 for MPlayer (r34992 at the moment) under MinGW
& MSYS from which has GCC 4.6.2, using ‘./configure
–prefix=/mingw --disable-shared’ (making a static MPlayer), and have
the directx headers. While audio works with the SDL driver, the video
driver only displays a really really small square in the upper-left
corner. I decided to use the pre-built one from and it works perfectly (and is
much smaller than the one I compile). There is nothing in the MPlayer
output to indicate any errors with my library, it is identical to the
output with Sherpya’s version.

I tried Googling/searching and it was hard to find anything remotely
resembling this problem maybe because I don’t know what correct keywords
to use. I don’t know if the setup is broken out of the box or
I have missing headers, a patch is required, different build options,
etc. I think is rather ‘immature’ but there is nothing else
that works out of the box for compiling mplayer, other toolchains like
from mingw-w64 produces compiler errors, multiple bin, lib & include
directories that each library/executable has their own preference for
some reason.