Amiga SDL was Re: CSDL with quad-buffering and a seperate flip-thread

Gabriele Greco wrote:

If you really want to you can go get Amiga OS 4.0 and use it. I
recently signed their developer NDA got their SDK. Very nice, very
much alive.

BTW on actual Amigas (that those days are all provided with SVGA like
boards) the problem of sync are exact the same you have with
linux :slight_smile:

Anyway some gfxcards provide hw synched page flipping, but you cannot
rely on that. Anyway the SDL amiga port has a full hw accel support so
if the gfxcard driver support HW page flipping you can use it :slight_smile: (Iā€™m
the maintainer of the port)

Does the Amiga SDL port run on the AmigaDE player?

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