Android app >150MB

I’ve updated my Android SDL app with new JPGs and now when I try and upload the .aab file Google Play complains that the .apks are over 150MB. has anyone had any luck with fixing that?

Have you got optimization switched on? SDL_LEAN_AND_MEAN? My Android App is under 1MB. SDL3 has an even smaller minimum payload, that might help.

My problem was I have lots of images in my game, the biggest are 18 4096x4096 JPG files (for the game’s background maps).

I’ve temporarily fixed the issue for myself by rebuilding those JPGs at 60% quality rather than 90% which reduced the size enough, but I’m planning on adding another 9 maps so I’ll probably hit the 150MB limit again then.

Assuming a Google Play release you can package the game in a way to benefit from Play Assets Delivery

It’s very simple, it’s an extra directory and Gradle build script for the asset in it’s asset dir.

The simplest implementation should give you an extra 500MB of room.

Would love to check this game out some time :slight_smile:
Seems like a huge overhead for the maps. Have you thought about generating maps programmatically? Can they be reduced further by passing them through an online image optimiser? Reducing the colour-depth, etc.
How about generating the maps using tiles? Or a composite of smaller images repeated? Like building a large forest of trees from 1 tree image.