Android Native

Hello everyone!

well I really liked the SDL I’m already using it in Windows c ++ but I want to port it to android, I saw that the visual studio itself has the native android option, but I couldn’t use the SDL for android in it, it seems that it’s for reasons of SDK be 25, does anyone know if it’s possible to use SDL in visual studio? or do i need to go to android studio? maybe someone already has a compiled project so I can take a look? thanks for listening.

I recommend installing Android Studio and using the included Gradle project. There is a lot you can and need to configure specific to Android, so it’s best to manage all of that from a contained Android project, rather than clone it from the Windows build. The only thing that should stay the same is your source code.

I tried to use it via android studio, but my project only runs well on android native, it seems that java doesn’t let me use glGetFloatv and I use it, I got to run everything in SDL but as glGetFloatv returns several 1 and 0 I couldn’t leave the project functional, on native android it works 100% so I wanted to try to put it on native android c++

thank you for the answer!