Android: nativeRunMain can't load library

I’ve got my game to the Alpha stage and I’ve got some people testing it.
It runs find on all 8 of my Android phones. I’m using Android version 7 to version 10 with no issues.

However, one of the testers gets this error:

nativeRunMain(): Couldn’t load library /data/app/com.coldbeamgames.beathazard2-9lhE8sRYRasTVj1ut7gWYg==/lib/arm64/

Any ideas?

[Update] When I run a debug .apk from Android studio it’s fine. If I install the built .aab bundle I get the same error.

So it looks like some optimization is affecting it? Are you running it through proguard?

I’ve just built and installed a normal release .apk and that works fine. I’ve uploaded that to Google to see if it’s still okay. It might be specific to .aab bundles. Will report back.

Well, my .apk file is live and that seems to work fine. So it could be a problem with using .aab bundles.
So I’ll just avoid using those.

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