Android: Pause / Resume behaviour

In the README-android file it states:

there’s a chance (on older hardware, or on systems under heavy load), where the GL context can not be restored. In that case you have to listen for a specific message, (which is not yet implemented!) and restore your textures manually or quit the app

Is this still true, and if so how is one supposed to detect this condition in the absence of the ‘not yet implemented’ message?


This generally shouldn’t happen anymore, however… That message is implemented now. Under thIs condition, sdl will emit an event of type “SDL_RENDER_DEVICE_RESET”.

Can you expand on what you mean by “generally”? What are the circumstances in which it might happen?


I meant that the chance of that happening is extremely low, probably nil on a modern device. The circumstances would be as detailed in the readme. I believe if you only support Android 3.0+, you’ll never see this happen at all.