Android screen orientation

Hi folks,

I didn’t see anything about how to handle screen orientation events on the
Android, sorry if this has been asked and possibly solved already. Or, it
might be this problem is more related to Android development in general.
Disclaimer: I haven’t tried converting my video code to 1.3 yet.

I can make an application based on the aliens.c example work without
restarting/crashing etc. When the orientation changes, I don’t know what’s
the correct way to resize the screen surface according to the
SDL_WINDOWEVENT_RESIZE events orientation changes trigger. If I don’t do a
SDL_SetVideoMode(), the screen orientation changes but the screen surface
area is not resized (and does not fit inside the screen) and if I do a
SDL_SetVideoMode(), the app window area stops updating and turns white (lost
context?). It would be great to know what’s the correct way to do things or
if I should just stick to either orientation.