Android: SDL trying to load non-existent arm64 library

I am attempting to update my Android app to SDL 2.0.10 but it fails to start because SDL is reporting an error attempting to load an arm64 library. This is hardly surprising because my app currently isn’t compatible with arm64-v8a (on Android, it is on iOS) and I disable that CPU type entirely in the build.gradle file!

I don’t get this problem when using SDL 2.0.5 and the old NDK build system, How can I stop SDL trying to load an arm64 library which isn’t present and isn’t needed?

After further testing, it seems to be an Android Studio issue. If I run the app on an attached device using the RUN button in the toolbar, it behaves as described, i.e. tries to run a non-existent arm64-v8a version. But if instead I use Run… debug from the menu, it seems to run the armeabi-v7 version as required (albeit with no output). Strange, but I can use that as a workaround.