Android SDL2-2.05 vs SDL2-2.07 software rendering

Hi there,

I try to port part of my apps on android
Today, this apps is able to run on SDL2 on a linux desktop using the SDL2-2.0.5 shipped with FC25. It run on psp, ps vita, windows.

I have try to use the Android project shipped in the SDL 2.0.7 and one snapshot SDL 2.0.8 and basically I have problem displaying stuff on screen with software rendering, the touch screen is working using __android_log_print, but the display does not work, or sometime I have something but only the first frame, it’s weird behaviour.
So I decide to use an older version because I remember seeing this working so SDL 2.0.5.
And with SDL 2.0.5 I’m able to display stuff on screen and everything seem to work as expected.

When I change the SDL version I use all the java stuff included android-project/src/org/libsdl/app/.
From SDL 2.0.5 to SDL 2.0.7 there is now a lot of new files in this directory.
So is there stuff to modify on the java side with newer SDL version to make it works ?

Basically, on the graphical side on my c++ code, I only use software rendering with SDL_BlitSurface.

If you have an idea, on what major change could impact me, it will be great ! Because I have no clue.