Android soft keyboard backspace not working

I’m not sure if this is a known issue (there was a similar problem in early versions of Android), but we’re not getting any events from the backspace key on the Android soft keyboard, for quite a few newer Android devices (eg. Google Pixel 3).

Before we embark on workarounds, we wondered if anyone has seen the same problem, or has any advice to offer?

Kind regards
-Mat Draper

I should add that we’re on 2.0.8, by the way.

I ran into the same problem. When I set targetSdkVersion higher than 27, backspace and enter stops sending KeyDown event. (our Google Pixels upgrade Android version sooner than any, hehe:)
The newest SDL2 has targetSdkVersion set to 26. Google requires 29 for new apps.
I hope, somebody will fix this.


Here is my fix. Add this to SDLActivity.Java / sendKeyEvent()

//       Log.v("SDL", "keyevent " + event);
         if(event.getAction()==KeyEvent.ACTION_DOWN && (event.getKeyCode()==KeyEvent.KEYCODE_DEL ||event.getKeyCode()==KeyEvent.KEYCODE_ENTER))