Android Studio (SDL 2, SDL2 IMAGE, SDL NETWORK, SDL2_AUDIO) anyone got working?

Has anyone successfully got these complied? I followed, I only got it working with SDL 2.0.5. But I needed to add SDL_Image, Audio and Network. When I added them it was just countless compile errors, a few Hours later I just gave up.

Anyone have successful with all these add’s and compling?

Yes, the tutorial is ok.
Maybe we can have more informations about how to include multiple .cpp files and headers.

Just grab the latest SDL snapshot from the link below, the SDL_image and SDL_mixer source releases, and run the SDL build-scripts/ with the command line parameters to create your Android project, and unpack the SDL_* libraries in the project app/jni folder.


The Tutorial is help full, to get it going on Android Studio, just getting the Base SDL 2.0 running which I did. I couldn’t even add SDL_Image. Let Alone SDL_Audio and Network.

I’ve had an old SDL 2.0 running Eclipse for Years, running old NDK, I tried to updating it today and ruined it.

I prefer Eclipse, It’s much faster in compiling, then in Android Studio.


I use eclipse too. I am using eclipse Oxygen Release (4.7.0) with native support in my project. I use folder android-project for creating empty project. I try to compile different versions of SDL2, SDL2_image and SDL2_mixer, but every time I get compile errors. At current moment I am trying to compile latest versions (SDL2-2.0.7, SDL2_mixer-2.0.2 and SDL2_image-2.0.2) but get this error:

[armeabi] Compile thumb : SDL2_image <= IMG_tga.c
[armeabi] Compile thumb : SDL2_image <= IMG_tif.c
[armeabi] Compile thumb : SDL2_image <= IMG_webp.c
make: *** No rule to make target jni/SDL2_image/IMG_WIC.c', needed byobj/local/armeabi/objs-debug/SDL2_image/IMG_WIC.o’. Stop.

I have tried combine different versions of that libraries (for example, SDL2-2.0.6, SDL2_mixer-2.0.1 and SDL2_image-2.0.1 or older) but every time compile has failed. Can somebody tell me what versions of these libraries work together?
What information have I to provide to you?

In I have added:



Should I create a new topic with my question about compiling SDL2, SDL2_mixer and SDL2_image for android in eclipse?

You can do as you pls, any luck?