Android user-access to written files

In my Android app I want to give the user access to files written by the app. So I use the directory returned by SDL_GetPrefPath and supply the organisation and app name. Files can be written and read here no problem from within the app, but I notice there’s no way to access them from anywhere else.

They don’t show up in /Android/data/ where all other apps dump files (eg: /Android/data/ I wonder why?

I’ve noticed the path returned by SDL_GetPrefPath is /data/data/

Using SDL_OpenURL("file:///...") on the above path produces no results, when in theory it should work.

Recently someone requested a SDL_GetCachePath be added to the Android build, I wonder if this would allow user-access to files written by the app?

Can anyone who has knowledge of this suggest what’s going on? Ta in advance.