ANN: Arianne ALPHA 2 Tech Preview 1 released

I am proud to announce that at last Arianne ALPHA 2 see the light.
I has been a looong time since our last release, but there has been a major
restructuration on code and the team has been a bit disperse.
This version of Arianne is released as a Tech Preview, it still has no working
client, but we really need that you download it and try to compile and run it.
Client actually is a bit stupid, it just do when you run it:

  • Chat to everyone
  • Move to the Gem
  • Get the Gem
  • Move to another location
  • Put the Gem on the floor
  • Tell everyone that you have reached it
  • Get again the Gem
  • Move to the original location
  • Put again the Gem

Server is now a hell stabler and has a ton more of features:

  • Command Line Support
    • exit
    • disconnect player_connection
    • list
    • create object_type
  • MySQL database for Player accounts
  • Secure Login through RSA
  • Working RP Engine on C++
  • Working Action System

Also we have refused to keep on DLL Renderes, instead we have changed to a
better concept: libArianneClient.
The point is that we have stored all the calls that the Client could need on a
class, so now to code a new Arianne client is as simple as call these functions.
Soon we will release documentation on this feature, that will make easier than
ever to create an Arianne client.

Please, go, download Arianne and test it.
The sooner the bugs are cleared, the sooner the working client will be

Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

Arianne URL: