ANN: Arianne ALPHA 2 Tech Preview 2 released

What is Arianne?
Arianne is a virtual world. It is a massively multiplayer role playing game you
access through an Internet connection.
You choose your own virtual life and immerse yourself into a huge, wild new
world, where you have an unprecedented degree of freedom to shape your own
Arianne is also a Massively Multiplayer Engine, that you can use to build you
own online games. Soon we will tell you more about this.

Release notes:
Arianne ALPHA 2 Tech Preview 2 is out. This is mainly a bug fixes over previous
Tech Preview 1 release, and still lack of a working client.

This version of Arianne is released as a Tech Preview, it still has no working
client, but we really need that you download it and try to compile and run it.
These are the changes from Tech Preview 1:

  • Added Last Login information
  • Added MacOS X support
  • Corrected a ton of bugs, mainly:
    • Incorrect clients management
    • Actions wasn’t correctly managed on RP
    • Secure Login works perfectly now
    • Better error diagnose
  • Added Server Command Line help
  • Added option to disable Server Prompt
  • tar.gz file is now Linux compatible line ended.
  • Tons of smaller updates

Thank you to those of you that downloaded Tech Preview 1 and have been
reporting problems widely.

Please, go, download Arianne and test it.
The sooner the bugs are cleared, the sooner the working client will be

Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

I also want to invite you all to test our new i18n site, if you want Arianne in
a language that is not already done, contact us and help us to translate it.