ANN: Arianne ALPHA 2 Tech Preview 3 released

Arianne is a Massively Multiplayer Engine, that you can use to build you own
online games.
Arianne is also a virtual world. It is a massively multiplayer role playing
game you access through an Internet connection.
You choose your own virtual life and immerse yourself into a huge, wild new
world, where you have an unprecedented degree of freedom to shape your own

Release notes:
Arianne ALPHA 2 Tech Preview 3 is out. This is mainly feature test and a bug
fixes over previous Tech Preview 2 release. Tech Preview 3 is the final release
on Tech branch of ALPHA 2.

This version of Arianne is released as a Tech Preview, it has a working client
in development.
Please download it, try to compile and run it.
These are the changes from Tech Preview 2:

  • Added Python RP System
  • Added Unlimited players
  • Added Unlimited connections
  • Corrected a ton of bugs, mainly:
    • Bad Perception system
    • Some memory leaks
    • Server is even more stable
    • Better error diagnose
    • Better exception management
  • Tons of smaller updates

Thank you to those of you that downloaded Tech Preview 2 and have been
reporting problems widely.

Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

P.S: There is a working client on CVS @ module 2dclient, ALPHA 2 will be
shipped with it.