ANN : JEDI-SDL Beta 4 released... (fwd)

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From: (Dominique Louis)
Subject: ANN : JEDI-SDL Beta 4 released…

After some considerable hard work by the JEDI-SDL team members, I am
pleased to announce the Final release of JEDI-SDL Beta 4.

JEDI-SDL is the Object Pascal import units for the SDL ( Simple
DirectMedia Layer - ) cross-platform
multi-media/game library, which works on the following Operating
Systems…Windows, Linux, MacOS and BeOS amongst others.
JEDI-SDL has been tested and works with Delphi, Kylix and FreePascal
compilers. It is released under the Mozilla Public Licence ( MPL ).

( the screenshot above shows the same demo running natively under both
Windows and Linux ).
Beta 4 highlights, are summarised as follows…

 * The JEDI-SDL home page is now located @
* All Demos ( including OpenGL Demos ) now compile under both Kylix
and Delphi.
* We now have 16 OpenGL demos. Amongst the OpenGL demos are
converted version of tutorials 2 - 12 of Nehe’s tutorial, a Quake 2
Model viewer, a MetaBalls demo, a SkyBox demo and a 3D Tetris game based
on BlockOut.
* NOTE : All OpenGL demos require Mike Lischke’s OpenGL12.pas,
which is now included in the distribution.
* Various conversion bugs were fixed.
* The SDLUtils file now contains a host of new functions like,
GetPixel, PuxPixel, SDL_FlipV, SDL_FlipH, SDL_NewPutPixel ( assembler
version ), SDL_AddPixel, SDL_SubPixel, SDL_DrawLine, SDL_AddLine,
SDL_SubLine, SDL_AddSurface, SDL_SubSurface, SDL_MonoSurface and
SDL_TexturedSurface and there are 3 demos showing them in action.
* We all have a 2 Font blitting libraries. SFont, contains 4 Demos
showing how to best use it and SDL_Monofonts, which supports alignment
like Left, Right and Center, comes with 1 demo.
* In the downloads section, of the JEDI-SDL home page, there is a
fully functional 3D OpenGL network game called DeathTruckTion v1.0
written by the TNTeam that makes use of JEDI-SDL and is just too big to
include with the distribution, but is well worth looking at as it works
under Windows and Linux!
* We also have a 2D Sprite Engine that handles collision detection
and there are 3 demos and a game called Oxygene that make use of the
Sprite Engine.
* We also have an Image Filtering unit which allows you to do 18
effects, such as Outline Image, Lowpass, HighPass, Prewitt Edge &
Lapiacian Edge to name a few. Check the SDL_Filter sub-directory for
more info and a demo showing the effects in action.
* The required runtime DLLs for Win32 and the Shared Objects for
Linux are now included with the distribution.

It can be downloaded from…


Dominique Louis := for all your Delphi/Kylix Game development

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