ANN : JEDI-SDL now also compatible with Gnu Pascal & TMT Pascal compilers

Hi All,
Just a quick note to say that I have just checked into CVS the last
JEDI-SDL ( ) changes ( for now
) that has added compatability for the Gnu Pascal and TMT Pascal compilers.

Thanks to Alexey “Clootie” Barkovoy for his help with TMT support.
Thanks to Prof. Abimbola “The Chief” Olowofoyeku and Eike Lange for
their help with Gnu Pascal support.
Thanks to Mr “Que Pasha Pepe” Kroket for his help with better FreePascal

These latest changes have been tested under Windows and the newly
modified JEDISDL Aliens demo ( the benchmark for cross-compiler
compatability ) has also been checked into CVS.

These Pascal bindings and the demo now compile flawlessly under Delphi,
FreePascal ( FPC ) 1.0.4, Gnu Pascal ( GPC ) Latest Alpha & TMT Pascal.

The Aliens Demo runs flawlessly with Music and FX under Delphi, FPC and
TMT. The GPC version has a screen refresh problem, while sound collision
detection etc work flawlessly. The GPC issue, may be due to the Alpha
status of the compiler or my lack of familiarity with the GPC compiler,
as all compilers are essentially compiling the same code.

Looking ahead, testing and bug fixing is under way to make sure the
headers support Gnu Pascal on Linux and MacOS X ( yes MacOS, woo hoo )
and FreePascal under Linux.

I hope this widens the appeal of JEDI-SDL.

Dominique := go on, write a game instead;_______________________________________________
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