ANN: new precompiled win32 binaries

i’ve been pointing several people to the package of compiled SDL
libraries for win32. i keep these for users of my pygame package,
but they are definitely useful to the average win32 SDL consumer.

i’ve gotten everything upgraded to the latest versions. i’ve also
included SDLmain.lib, even though pygame does not need library.

note that this library comes with the win32 joystick code patched
so it doesn’t crash. sam said this change will hit cvs soon, but
i’ve got it compiled into these libraries. (modified source is
included, as per lgpl)

anyways, grab it here

this includes all the library and header files needed to compile
programs against SDL.

it also includes SDL_mixer (with mp3 support), smpeg, SDL_ttf, and
SDL_image (with JPG and PNG support)

all the libs are MSVC format, but it you crazy cross-compiler people
should be able to rebuild the lib files as needed.