ANN: pygame-1.3

Pygame, game development for python

Pygame 1.3 released on December 19, 2001
Pete Shinners (@Pete_Shinners)

Pygame is a set of python modules written to help create games in
Python. The package is wrapped over SDL and several of the SDL
helper libraries. SDL is a cross-platform media library created by
Sam Lantinga. SDL is currently used for many commercial and
open source game projects.

Version 1.3 fixes a few drawing bugs and loose ends. It also adds
a higher level sprite module to help manage game objects. Other small
enhancements include framerate controlling clocks and improved
communication with other python imaging libraries. Also new for 1.3
is three new tutorials, starting with one for the very beginning user.

For those new to the pygame library, some of it’s features include:

  • fullscreen or windowed framebuffer
  • multiple audio channel mixing, with streaming music
  • control of joystick and cdrom devices
  • antialiased truetype font rendering
  • variety of media formats: png, jpg, ogg, mp3, mod (and more)

The pygame package also comes with complete documentation,
tutorials, and many playable examples. The pygame mailing list has
an active list of users, which makes getting started much more

Pygame is distributed under the LGPL licese, which is the same
license used by many its dependencies.