[ANN] WinCE GAPI implementation (alpha version)


I’ve used http://arisme.free.fr/ports/SDL.php GAPI sources as a
valuable source of information.

You can get it here:

Implemented features:

  1. Support of landscape mode with stylus/buttons correction.
  2. Whenever possible memcpy is used, so it is much faster than
    Arisme port.
  3. Support all known PDA video memories.
  4. Special support of 32-bit mode, without shadow surface.
    It leads to superior quality of picture when needed.
  5. Again WinCE improved WinDib driver.

Ways to installation:

  1. download 1.2.9 sources from cvs and apply the diff
  2. create a directory video\gapi
  3. copy files sdl_gapivideo.* to video\gapi
  4. add ENABLE_GAPI in preprocessor options and either use
    Set_VideoInit(“gapi”,…) or disable ENABLE_WINDIB.

that’s all.
things to do:
// TODO: implement 4bpp/8bpp gapi mode
// TODO: hi-res video support (including stylus)
// TODO: speed up user paletted mode
// TODO: test landscape mode on iPaq 3800
// TODO: test buttons rotation
// TODO: test on be300 and HPC ( check WinDib fullscreen keys catching )
// TODO: test on smartphones

If someone could help with testing or hires support or benchmarks - you are welcome.

p.s. this is alpha quality patch, do not include it in CVS.–
Best regards,
Dmitry Yakimov, ISDEF member