[ANNC] 2D Game Development Kit

The website for this software is at:


Note that it is now a source only pre-release. If you are interested to give
it a try, please let me know your feedbacks and suggestions, I’m preparing
for a 1.0 release soon.

I’ve tested the compilation on Windows using VC 6.0 and Linux (i386) using
GCC 2.95.3. Compilation on Mac OS X 10.2 also works for me, but I am not
really experienced at this platform.

below is a short description extract from its README:

            GIME 2D Game Development Kit

The GIME 2D Game Development Kit is a great tool for fast prototyping of 2D
games. It is tightly integrated with a scripting language called Lua
(http://www.lua.org), which has been widely used in the game industry.

The game kit uses SDL (Simple Direct Media, http://www.libsdl.org) as the
graphics and system layer, and thus is highly portable over all major
platforms including Windows and Linux.

Given the powerful and yet simple API provided by the game kit, a game can
be easily written all using scripting language Lua without resorting to any
C code.

A complete GUI system purely written in Lua comes together with the game
kit. A powerful GUI editor is also provided to create windows and dialogs in
a visual presentation. The GUI components created in the editor are
translated into Lua code snippets, which can be directly put into use in a
real game.