Annc: Fixed OS X SDL package now available (related to MacOS X volunteer needed)

An updated OS X SDL.framework has been posted to the main download
page which replaces the previous one. I had missed the fact that the
CD-ROM code for OS X was written in C++ (which causes compatibility
problems with the previous framework for systems < 10.3.9 since we
built with gcc 4.0). For the short term, we have recompiled the
framework under gcc 3.3 which uses a statically linked C++. However,
for the long term, we would like to remove all the C++ code to avoid
future compatibility issues. This will be extremely important when we
move to Universal Binaries in which we’ll be expected to use gcc 4.0,
hence the request for volunteers.

Thanks to Martin Storsj? for alerting me to to this issue.

-Eric>The SDL CD-ROM code on MacOS X is in C++, and we’d like to remove any

dependency on C++ for MacOS X, to avoid runtime compatibility problems
between MacOS X 10.3 and 10.4.

So, any volunteers to rewrite the code in src/cdrom/macosx/* in C?

-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment