ANNC: glSDL 0.4

New version with various improvements and fixes. It’s been tested a
great deal with Kobo Deluxe, but unfortunately, that doesn’t cover
massive abuse, such as blit-from-screen and messing with
screen->pixels. SDL_SaveBMP() on the screen does work, though. :slight_smile:

Changes in glSDL-0.4:
* Fixed C++ issue with IMG_Load().
* Fixed stupid M$isms: Textures are now uploaded
to the card.
* SDL_OPENGLBLIT removed. (Used only to prevent
certain unimplemented stuff from causing really
Bad Things to happen.)
* Depth buffer silliness fixed. (We don’t use the
depth buffer…)
* “fake_screen” is now a real surface.
* Implemented blitting from the screen.
* Implemented blitting within the screen.
* Implemented screen locking/unlocking.
* Fixed prototype for glSDL_GetVideoSurface().
* Added (gl)SDL_SaveBMP().
* “Fixed” OpenGL pixel format for glReadPixels.
(Maybe I got the glSDL pixel format wrong? Dunno,
and I’m on an ATI card and driver so I don’t trust
* Fixed _glSDL_BlitFromGL() (I think…)
* “no TexInfo” changed from 0xffffffff to 0, since
SDL 1.2.5 and up inits the unused1 field to that,
specifically for glSDL.
* Added compile time and runtime warnings for SDL
versions prior to 1.2.5.
* Examples now use sensible OpenGL accelerated
settings by default.


Direct download:

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