ANNC: TuxMath general public alpha tarball available

Announcing “Tux, of Math Command,” a new Open Source project from
the Tux4Kids project (creators of “Tux Typing”).

“Tux, of Match Command” (or “TuxMath,” for short) is an educational game
which is meant to help children practice math problems.

Gameplay is loosely based on the classic arcade game "Missile Command."
As Tux the Linux Penguin, the player must defend cities from incoming
comets. Each comet has a math equation on it, which the player must answer
to destroy it before it hits a city.

TuxMath uses the Simple DirectMedia Layer library (libSDL), which means it
will be portable among Windows, MacOS, BeOS, Linux and other UNIXes.

The game can be played with the keyboard, or any input device
that the system sees as a mouse-pointer (mouse, trakball, touchpad
or touchscreen monitor).

Current features include:

Four types of equation problems: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
Sound and Music
Cartoon-style graphics and animation
Progressing waves
Windowed or fullscreen display
Optional on-screen keypad (for touchscreens/touchpads)
Auto-play demonstration mode

This alpha snapshot is being released so that we can receive
feedback from educators. We’re especially interested in what kinds
of game options they feel are important, and what parts of the current
gameplay should be altered.

A tarball of the source snapshot can be downloaded from
TuxMath’s SourceForge home page:

You can learn more about TuxMath and Tux4Kids here:

Enjoy, and thanks in advance for feedback!

bill at

Note: I’m having problems getting a downloadable tarball to appear
properly on TuxMath’s SourceForge page (probably because I don’t
understand exactly how to do it :slight_smile: )

Also, a small ‘bug’ was introduced just before the snapshot, which caused
the comets to appear at a particularly boring rate. I just fixed this
and added a few other tweaks.

For those interested, and if tonight’s tarball doesn’t appear on
TuxMath’s SourceForge home page, you can download occasional snapshots

(Anonymous CVS access from SourceForge should work just fine, BTW)

Enjoy, and sorry!

-bill!On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 06:37:49PM -0700, William Kendrick wrote:

Announcing “Tux, of Math Command,” a new Open Source project from
the Tux4Kids project (creators of “Tux Typing”).