[Announce] Arianne 1.0.0 Pandora Release

We are proud to announce the release of Arianne 1.0.0 Pandora 1.0.


Arianne is a virtual world. It?s a massively multiplayer role playing
game you access through an Internet connection. You choose your own
virtual life and immerse yourself into a huge, wild new world, where
you have an unprecedented degree of freedom to shape your own destiny.

This new version of Arianne has a better and more stable CORE.
Although from user view, it is a back step as we have remove some
from 0.3.x branch.

We expect to achieve faster our objetives (
http://www.arianne.cx/about )
thanks to the new CORE.

This release is NOT PLAYABLE, only chat and move over a 50 Km^2
Anyway we would like that you download it and submit as any problem
you find with it as this code is going to be used for the playable

Please Arianne need SDL-1.1.6 and Bzip2-1.0.1, only those or newer
are going to be supported. Also it requieres SDL_mixer and SDL_net.

The Arianne Team.