ANNOUNCE: Arianne ALPHA 2 released

Arianne is a Game Engine to build Internet games and applications.
You can use it to create your own games, from RPG to RTS games, or Arcade or
TBS ones…
Arianne is a virtual world. It’s a massively multiplayer role playing game
you access through an Internet connection. You choose your own virtual life
and immerse yourself into a huge, wild new world, where you have an
unprecedented degree of freedom to shape your own destiny.

Release notes:
Arianne ALPHA 2 is out. This is the start release of this branch and it is
playable and have a graphical client.
After almost two year we finally have managed to complete and release it.
This release features:

  • A working RP system on C++
    • Move
    • Chat
    • Attack
    • Spell
    • Get
    • Put
    • Consume
    • Look
  • A working 2D Client
  • Unlimited connections and players
  • New World system faster than ever before
  • Music and SFX added to 2D Client
  • New log system to point errors even better
  • All files feature XML syntax
  • New README files to make even easier to configure Arianne
  • A working worldgenerator, worldeditor and a preview of the AI Client
  • New and improved GFX

Go to Arianne ( ) and get it.

Thank you to those of you that downloaded Tech Preview 3 and have been
reporting problems widely.

Report problems with Arianne to Sourceforge Bugs Tracker (

Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin


  • We need binary packages for BeOS and MacOS X.
  • We need reports about BeOS, MacOSX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, IRIX, QNX,
    Linux and Windows NT.
  • We need new GFX ( don’t ask what ) look and do.
  • We need new SFX ( _.wav )
  • We still need the webpage system done.
  • We need to test metaserver
  • We need to add metaserver to Client