ANNOUNCE: Bliss32 v1.9c released!

Bliss32 is an Intellivision (soon to be multi-system) emulator for the Win32
platforms (and soon for Linux too). We released the first version to use
SDL (1.9) a week ago, but it had some performance issues that have only now
been suitably minimized - hence my late announcement. You can download it
at The latest source is always available on
SourceForge, under the BlissEmu project.

I wrote the original SDL modules for this project (Kyle made a pass through
them, improving them as well) and I must say that SDL is a great API . I
had never used it before and it took only a few hours of playing to convert
our DirectX code into a much cleaner, working, SDL version.

Bliss32 also makes use of SDL_image and portions of the SoFont code.

Many thanks to everyone involved with SDL for making the API and libraries
so painless to pick up.