[ ANNOUNCE ] DeathTruckTion v1.0 released... ( Made with JEDI-SDL )

Hi Sam,
You may want to include this on either the Demos page or the Games
page of SDL.

Clem Vasseur one of the members of the JEDI-SDL mailing (
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JEDI-SDL/join ) has just released
DeathTruckTion v1.0 which is a 3D network game he and a few friends put
together for a school project. This is what he had to say…
“BTW, my school project is finished… it’s a [edited] 3D game using
OpenGL, SDL [ and of
course JEDI-SDL :-)], FMod and Indy [ components for the network
code on both Delphi and Kylix ], which works great under Windows and
Linux. The game itself is uninteresting, but maybe the source is :).
I have no idea about the license, because I am using graphics from other
games which is not quite legal anyway. Since I didn’t figure out how to
upload the source file to the yahoogroup thingy, I temporarily
uploaded it here:
ftp://mystic.dnsalias.org/pub/DTTsrc.zip .
Basically you can do whatever you want with the code… but I don’t
think it’s a good demo for JEDI-SDL, it may be a little bit too complex
for a demo :slight_smile: [ Dom : I think it’s quite a good demo for JEDI-SDL
though at 8.5mb it will have to be a separate download ].
Anyway, if you find something interesting in it you are free to use it
in your own
projects, or release some part like you want.
For those who are trying to do some 3D with Delphi/Kylix and OpenGL, the
TNT-3D engine might be interesting… but it’s completely undocumented.
If someone wants to write a tutorial about it or something like that I
will explain the inner working of the engine :)”

Clem does not have any time to continue developing the game and engine
so I suggested he create a SourceForge account so that others who may be
interested can develop the game, engine change the textures etc further.
The current homepage of the TNTeam and it’s game is
http://dtt.spinet.org and you can cop a look at some screen shots @

When playing with the demo make sure you start the server ( dttd on Linx
or dttd.exe on Windows ) before starting
the game ( dtt on Linux or dtt.exe on Windows ).

If anyone finds this interesting or would like to lead such a project,
please let me know so we can set up a project of sorts for people to get
involved with.


Dominique Louis
http://www.DelphiGamer.com - for all you Delphi/Kylix/FreePascal Game
Development needs.