Announce: gfxPrimitives 1.1

Hi all,

an updated version of my graphics primitives lib for SDL has been
posted. Please go here for info and download URL:


  • all routines handle the special case of Alpha=255 (non-transparent) by
    direct memory access, resulting in a much improved speed in for that
    case (line 50x)
  • New, nicer test/benchmark program
  • various fixups and improvements

This is not another SGE implementation - it differs from SGE, since the
routines handle Alpha<255 cases using pixel level blits with alpha
blending enabled (at the cost of speed).

Currently the makefile does not create a library. Maybe someone can help
me setup a configure/Makefile script that will create library files
(.a/.so or .DLL) out of the code.

I am also still looking for other useful code that could be included
into this lib such as AA-circles/ellipses and curves.