Announce : JEDI-SDL OpenGL Quake II Model Viewer now working - please test on Linux

Just a quick note to say that I have finally managed to get the Quake II
Model viewer working. It is simple viewer in that is just loops through
all the animation sequences.

The Windows archive, which includes binary and source code, can be
downloaded from

I am particularly interested in how it works under Linux as I have
managed to compile it, but when I try to execute it I get a Seg Fault.
Obviously some set-up problems on my part as others have reported that
it works on their system. But that was before I got textures working.

I have created a tar file for i386 Linux environments, using ark under
KDE. This is the first time I have used this utility so I hope
everything is OK.
The Linux archive which is only a binary ( as I assume most of you are
C/C++ developers and not interested in the source. If you are, download
the Windows archive ), can be downloaded from

Here are a couple of screen-shots of it in action under Windows…

The executable accepts only one parameter and that is the directory
where the Model and it’s skins are stored. If none is given, the default
is “Models/blade/”.

NOTE : The Model’s skin must be called “skin.bmp” and the weapon’s skin
must be called “weapon.bmp”. The Model names must be “tris.md2” and
“weapon.md2” respectively. Only BMPs are supported at this time.

Remember also that OpenGL requires that the Textures be a power of 2.
i.e. .256x256 or 256x64 etc. This little fact had been looking for bugs
in the code for 2 weeks before it dawned on me this morning. Doh and
Double Doh!

Ilkka Tuomioja for the initial Code that I ported to SDL.
PlanetQuake ( ) for the Models and the skins
that are included in this archive ( Blade and DarthVader ).

Known Problems

There is a synchronization problem with the DarthVader model and his
weapon after the first interation of all the frames.
I am simply looping through the glCommands for both models. This problem
is NOT experienced with the Blade model. If anyone has some more in
depth knowledge about how to synchronize MD2 models with their weapons I
would like to hear about it.

Future plans

The plan is to create an Object Orientated Model/Mesh class hierarchy
that supports MD2, MD3, HL and MilkShake Models. Thereby making it
extensible and easier to implement in JEDI-SDL games that may want to
support a few Model/Mesh formats.
The Model Viewer will be changed to a plugin system so that way, as new
formats are added all that will be needed is to drop a DLL or SO into
the plugins directory.

If there are any problems let me know.


Dominique Louis := for all your Delphi/Kylix game development