ANNOUNCE: ketm-0.0.2

Hello list,

this is the first announce of ‘ketm’ (killeverythingthatmoves), my try to
create a arcade-like 2D-space-shooter. Although there is to do al
lot of this, this version already is playable (but not real fun).

Download & screenshots at


Walter Haslbeck wrote:

Hello list,

Seem’s to be fun and pretty but
I have a seg fault at :

#0 0x4003c67e in SDL_FillRect (dst=0x8060d68, dstrect=0x8060d88,
color=255) at SDL_surface.c:608
#1 0x8051d6d in thegame_work () at thegame.c:52
#2 0x80491e1 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffff834) at main.c:45

charles vidal.