Hi all GUI hackers!

The long awaited new release is out!

The goal of the last development cycle was to
smooth the API for production use (our first commercial
product based on ParaGUI will roll out very soon)


Many, many,… I’ll do it roughly

Added new classes:

Like a scrollbar but without ( left & right ) | ( up & down ) buttons and
a small handle

Well, guess :wink:

Items (labels with an optional icon) to put into the listbox

added SetTextFormat(char* format, …) to SDLLabel, SDLButton
works like printf()

added an optional bitmapped cursor to SDLLineEdit

added a handler (eventFilterKey) to SDLLineEdit to preprocess
the keys

added unicode to SDLLineEdit (works much better)

the usual bugfixes

The generation of python bindings has been removed.
It is now available as a module via CVS.

Due to the lack of contributors, tutorials were missing till now.
Finally I kicked myself and did a basic tutorial which is included
in the documentation.

If you want to contribute some docs or code… You’re welcome !

There are some experimental versions of ParaGUI available for
BeOS and mingw32.
I will NOT maintain these any longer. I will also stop maintainance
of Win32 versions.
If there are people interested in these they are forced to build them from
source. If you feel that you are able to bake the binaries and do some
for those platforms you are invited to do so (and declare yourself as

Finally the OpenGL thing: There was some discussion on alpha blended
labels / surfaces lately. I will not use them anymore (there was an
CVS version doing so). Under OpenGL all text will not be antialiased,
because there
are too many drawbacks if I want to make them work.

Sigh, that’s all for now…

The usual thing: Please download, test and report :wink:
(all request to the ParaGUI mailing list)


PS: Thanks to all people sending patches to me!
PPS: Special thanks go to woid for his great PacWars2 which helped
us to kill some boring time with nasty fights in PacSpace :wink:

Like a scrollbar but without ( left & right ) | ( up & down ) buttons and
a small handle

I’d be careful with the SDL prefix since it might collide with the namespace
used by SDL itself