Yes. ParaGUI 1.0.1 “You say ‘Hello’, I say ‘Good Bye’” has been
This is a major bugfix release.

As posted before I will stop active maintainance of ParaGUI. Hold on.
Before you start banging your head against the wall: There are others
reachable via the mailing list with CVS r/w access. Maybe you want to
register yourself for a CVS r/w account. Maybe you want to take over
maintainance ?

Here are the highlights of the new version:

  • Fixed permissions on zipped theme files
  • 8bit surface fixes
  • Enabling/Disabling of symlinks
  • fixed a potential crash in PG_ListBox (SelectItem(NULL))
  • PG_Button: Added Get/SetBlendLevel() functions
  • SetBackground colorkey fixes
  • Borland C++ Builder fixes
  • remerge of expat (optional)
  • optimized DrawHLine, DrawVLine
  • fixed a widgetlist scrolling bug
  • fixed a window-resize bug
  • cached surfaces are generated in the screen format

Currently there is only the source package available for download. If
anyone wants to see binaries for specific platforms you have to prepare
them and notify me for making them available.

I will post some stories and screenshots of projects I’m currently
working on in a couple of weeks.

Enjoy the new release