We’re proud to announce ParaGUI 1.0.2.

First off all I want to thank all the people out there for supporting
the project. Your support made it possible to improve ParaGUI.


Whats new in ParaGUI 1.0.2:

  • Fixed a bug in DrawLineH, DrawLineV
    introduced in 1.0.1
  • updated PhysFS to version 0.1.5
  • removed unneccessary mutex locks while
    message processing
  • fixed a crash in PG_ListBox when deleting an
    item inside the event handler
  • fixed Show()/Hide() on child widgets
  • added functions returning vectors of strings instead of
    char** to PG_FileArchive
    Thanks Andrew Ford
  • added PG_TimerObject
  • added a switch to disable dirty widget updates
    globally (PG_Application::DisableDirtyUpdates(bool))
  • GCC 3.1 compilation fixes
    Thanks Guillaume Cottenceau
  • added functions to add callback handlers to existing menu items
    Thanks John Rainey <John.Rainey at>
  • added missing DECLSPEC to pgwidgetlistex.h
    Thanks Andrew Ford
  • added CodeWarrior 7 and MacOS support
    Thanks Keith Swyer
  • added wildcard matching for PG_FileArchive::GetFileList
  • added PG_FileArchive::OpenFileRWops
  • added PG_RadioButton:SetAlignment
  • missing DECLSPEC added to pgfont.h
  • added surface locking for direct pixel access rendering
    (text, gradient).
  • added new messagetype to process XML layout tags
    from the section (MSG_XMLTAG).
  • fixed a clipping bug in PG_Widget::Hide() with simple backgrounds
  • various smaller bug fixes


Source tarball:

HTML documentation & tutorial files:

PDF reference manual:

Win32 binaries (installer):

Win32 binaries (zip):

Linux RPM (Mandrake 8.2):

Linux DEVEL-RPM (Mandrake 8.2):

Have fun